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Don’t be a Dick!

Don't Be a Dick!

So a while back I did some work for Florida Poker Player and helped them design a website. Well time goes by and I never get paid always getting the run around, and then eventually just stopped being able to get in touch with them at all. Since they had never paid me I had never released any of the image files that I created for the site to them. Instead I hosted all of the images on my own server so that I could take them down if I needed to.

Well, as I said they never paid me so I took down all of the images and they basically just had a blank webpage. Then a while ago I decided to really be a dick. I created new images and gave them the same names as the original images, but these new images weren’t anything like the real original images.

I invite you to visit and enjoy the new Florida Poker Player website.

…and remember, don’t be a dick.


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