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Many of you may have already figured out that I am easily annoyed, but that’s another story for another time. Today’s story is about flip flops.

I live in Florida, so flip flops are everywhere. I’ve never personally been a big fan of flip flops myself partly because I don’t really like having anything between my toes, and partly because I’m just not a big fan of feet in general (as I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts). But flip flops are comfy and appropriate in some casual situations like going to the beach or chilling by the pool and what not I reckon. Mmmm hmmm.

However … If you are going out in public and have any desire to make other people think you don’t live in a trailer park or collect welfare, that you make more than minimum wage, brush your teeth regularly and aren’t married to a sibling, then flip flops would make an inappropriate option for your feet. AND if you are going to work anywhere except perhaps as a lifeguard then flip flops are strictly forbidden.

I for instance work in an office where it is generally pretty quiet (except when the annoying guy two cubicles down gets on a conference call and thinks he has to talk at the top of his voice for others to hear him, you know who you are). What I don’t need to hear is the annoying sound of slap, slap, slap everytime you take a step and walk anywhere within 100 feet of me. I don’t care if your flip flops have a leather strap, or cute little rhinestones on them. If I can hear you walking from 75 feet away as they slap against the bottom of your skank ass feet, then take that shiz off and put on some real shoes.

But for God’s sake DO NOT walk around barefoot in the office … again another story for another time.


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