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pencilI remember when I was a kid and I would go to school and do all of my work with a pencil. There was always the old hand crank pencil sharpener up on the black board and I had to raise my hand to ask the teacher if I could go sharpen my pencil.

Life was so much easier back then.


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Wayback Wednesday takes us to 1993 with the band Paw.

According to Wikipedia: Paw formed in 1990 in Lawrence, Kansas, alongside Kill Creek and Stick. Their work from this era can best be characterized as aggressive rock with melodic undertones, or ‘Southern rock’ as Mark Hennessy explained in an MTV interview. They were hailed by many record companies as “the next Nirvana” and a bidding war erupted to sign them. The band signed a three-album deal with A&M Records during the height of the grunge wave, and released their first album, Dragline, in 1993. Their most well-known songs from this period included the singles Lolita, Jessie, Couldn’t Know, The Bridge, and Sleeping Bag – all of which received heavy rotation on both the radio airwaves and on Headbanger’s Ball, MTV’s hard rock/heavy metal showcase. The band also recorded a session for BBC Radio 1’s rock show in 1994, and the songs Jessie, Pansy, and The Bridge were featured in the 3DO, PC, Saturn and Playstation versions of the video game Road Rash.

My name’s not Jessie, but I am a good dog!

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gods-must-be-crazy-coverWho could forget such 1980s classics as Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Breakfast Club? Anyone who is under the age of 50 has seen these movies (or parts of them at least) countless times on Saturday afternoon reruns over the last 25 years, but one great movie from the 1980s that you have probably never seen, but really should is The God’s Must Be Crazy.

The movie was filmed in South Africa in 1980 and not released in the U.S. until 1984. Coming from South Africa the movie was filmed in a style completely different from American movies of the era and became an instant cult classic. I saw the movie a few weeks ago on the IFC channel and it was as quirky and funny as ever. If you ever get the chance to see this movie I highly recommend it. Add it to your Netflix list and you won’t be sorry.

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maybasketWith Labor day coming up next Monday that got me thinking about May Day (Labor Day in some countries) a holiday that I once upon a time celebrated as a child in Newton, Kansas. I remember we used to celebrate by making baskets out construction paper and then filled them with flowers or candy and then leaving them on the doorsteps of friends houses, especially the hot girls in my elementary school classes. (Sharon Zielke and Jill Meador always got the best stuff in their baskets.)

The idea was that you would leave the basket, then ring the doorbell and run away. If the person whose house you left the basket at could catch you as you ran away then they got to kiss you. Because I was such a fast kid I was never caught, but when you’re in the third grade you don’t really want to be kissed by a girl anyway, even if they are a mega-hottie. Anyway, I don’t even know if this holiday is celebrated anymore. In the summer between my seventh and eight grade years I moved to Texas, and never celebrated the holiday again. It was not celebrated down there, and honestly I don’t know if it is even celebrated anywhere anymore.

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Wayback Wednesday

Today Wayback Wednesday’s takes us all the way back to 1987. This one hit wonder is probably more famous for being the band that Madonna was in before she was Madonna than for their song, but as a child of the 80’s the tune is still worthy of a listen.

Enjoy … and thank you for visiting on Wayback Wednesday!

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