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Gold Medal Winning Vaults

Check out the gold medal winning vaults from this olympics compared to 56 years ago. Even the Dog could have won a gold medal in 1956.


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I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I kind of have a thing about feet, but before you start wigging out on me, I don’t mean a weird “oh god I love your feet” or “can I lick your feet” kind of way. In fact it’s kind of the opposite. Feet really sort of creep me out. I’m not saying I’ve never seen any sexy feet, but even the most attractive feet could not really get my loins tingling. Who knows, maybe I just haven’t met the right feet yet though.

But I digress…

I’m not here to talk about sexy feet. Today we’re talking about ugly feet.

I live in Florida where a lot of sandal wearing goes on, and I’m here to tell you there are some people that simply should not be allowed to wear sandals. I don’t know if some people are simply delusional and think they have attractive feet, or if they just don’t give a crap about what the rest of us think. Either way, these people need to be reigned in. While a strong self image is crucial to your emotional well being, the flaunting of ugly feet is simply not good for anyone, and quite frankly it is detrimental to societal well being as a whole.

Put some freaking shoes on you ugly feeted people! Geez…

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Be Gone I Say!

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Movie Review Mondays

Against my will my wife dragged me out to the theater on Saturday night, on a holiday weekend no less, to go see a flick. Now I’m not normally a big fan of Meryl Streep, but I do like Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin who are also in the movie, so I begrudgingly agreed to go so given the choice between Up In the Air and It’s Complicated I chose the latter, and I am very glad I did. The movie has a little bit of everything, but mostly it’s a comedy, and contained the funniest single line I’ve heard in a movie in several years when Meryl Streep’s character proclaims “Oh yeah, I like a lot of sperm.”

It’s a great date movie with enough girl stuff to make your special lady think you’re treating her to a great night out, but not so much girl stuff that you want to puke. If I had thumbs I’d definitely give this one two thumbs up, but since I don’t … I give the movie five golden poops.

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Hey gang! Sorry the dog has been napping the past few weeks, but I’ve been spending my creative energy over at the Clink Room instead of on the blog. They have a great contest going over there right now. The guys who run the Clink Room are Casey and Jason of Plan B Branding, a company that designs major and minor league baseball logos. In order to collaborate with other designers they are forming the Taco Shop League and are having a contest for the designers of the best logos. I’ve been working hard on a few entries, and the picture above is one example of my work so far. The deadline for entry into the contest is Monday Oct. 4th, 2009, so if you are feeling creative and know how to use Adobe Illustrator have a look.

Maybe after Monday I’ll be able to get back to blogging my heart out.

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Restaurant of the Day

If you ever get the chance to visit NYC I highly recommend that you look this place up. You won’t be sorry.

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A Story About ME?

I was surfing the internet the other day, and in a moment of self agrandisement I googled my own name to see what was out there. Well most of it was stuff that I had written for the various sites that I had collaborated on over the years, but there was this one link that showed up that intrigued me. I clicked on the link and it had pictures of “the baseball room” in my house, a picture of me, and a (very bad) video that I had made about the Clearwater Threshers during the 2008 season.

Well at first I was a bit confused about how the guys that ran the website would have found out about me, and why they would have decided to feature me in one of their posts. Eventually after reading the rest of their website I realized that the owners of the website were Casey and Jason from Plan B advertising a graphics and advertising firm which specializes in creating logos and advertising for MLB and LiLB, including the Clearwater Threshers.

I’m flattered that they featured my exploits, and thought I would share it here.

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