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Once upon a time the dog played in a rock band….


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Don’t be a Dick!

Don't Be a Dick!

So a while back I did some work for Florida Poker Player and helped them design a website. Well time goes by and I never get paid always getting the run around, and then eventually just stopped being able to get in touch with them at all. Since they had never paid me I had never released any of the image files that I created for the site to them. Instead I hosted all of the images on my own server so that I could take them down if I needed to.

Well, as I said they never paid me so I took down all of the images and they basically just had a blank webpage. Then a while ago I decided to really be a dick. I created new images and gave them the same names as the original images, but these new images weren’t anything like the real original images.

I invite you to visit and enjoy the new Florida Poker Player website.

…and remember, don’t be a dick.

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Free banana ... help yourself


Sometimes the generosity of others can be quite overwhelming. People with such big hearts pouring out their love for life for all of us to share in the goodness and bathe in the glory of the world around us. Other times the generosity is less than overwhelming. This is a story about one of those times, although in fairness, perhaps this is more of a commentary about myself that I can’t see goodness and charity for what it is. I’ll let you be the judge…

So, I’m at work today, its early afternoon and I finally wander down to the break room to rinse the cold and stale coffee out of the bottom of my cup. When I walk in the break room I notice a small black banana sitting on the counter top next to the microwave about six inches from the hole where the trash can is. At first I think to myself “someone must have tried to throw that away, but missed” but then I notice that there is a note next to the banana. Now curious I move closer to read the note … HELP YOURSELF it so kindly announces.

So I think to myself…”seriously?” Did someone REALLY put this 3” long miniature banana that is so black it has got to be practically liquid here for one of their lucky co-workers to enjoy, and who is this person? At first I just thought they were some lazy jerk who missed the trashcan, but now? Now I don’t know what to think.

Is this an act of generosity, that I the cynic can’t appreciate? Or, is this some sort of act of spite against the rest of us who work here? Some sort of commentary about how this person feels about this company and those of us who work around them? I guess the mystery will remain unsolved.

Oh, by the way. There is some free food in the break room. Hurry.

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So a few weeks ago my department at work moved into a new building. I work in an office where the dress is considered business casual, and most of the people dress pretty professionally. One thing I’ve noticed in the new building where we are now is an alarmingly high number of men with ponytails. I don’t know, maybe this is a fashion statement that I’m just missing the boat on, but seriously? You guys work in an office at a white collar job. Please at least try to look like you have a brain.

Number one, men should not have hair long enough to put in a ponytail in the first place. This isn’t 1985, you are not in a rock band and that’s all I have to say about that!

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Well with winter almost behind us baseball is just around the corner, and the dog loves baseball. Here is a look at one of my articles for another website that I wrote last baseball season.

Matt Rizzotti claims to be the greatest baseball player who has ever lived, but the Dog wasn’t just going to take his word for it. Through some hard hitting journalism we’ve done an in depth analysis of Rizzotti’s talent as well as his weaknesses. You decide for yourself. Is Matt Rizzotti the greatest of all times?

Read the rest of the story—>

Facebook Users CLICK HERE to take the “What Matt Rizzotti Super Power Do You Have?” quiz.

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Goodbye 2009

Well it’s December 31st, 2009 and we get ready to say goodbye to the aughts and usher in a brand new decade, but I swear to god that the first person who tells me “see you next year” is going to get a swift kick in the ass. I’m sure that some dumb ass will get drunk later tonight and say it to me, hopefully by then I’ve softened on my stance, but I swear if any of these idiots I work with say it to me today…look out.

By the way, thanks for visiting. Farewell 2009, you suck. Thank goodness 2010 is here.

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Over the years there have been a ton of great websites that I’ve run across, but only a few keep me coming back on a regular basis. Today I thought I’d take the time to share a few of my favorites with you.

That’s Yummy Bro (TYB) is usually the first website I hit in the morning. It’s written by Nick Hall a minor league baseball player who was recently signed by the San Diego Padres. It’s not a baseball related site at all, but is full of humor. He has a terrific sense of humor and updates the page with at least one new post each day.

There I Fixed It is a fun site for a quick hit each day. It is updated daily with a few new pictures of the “fixes” that people have made to repair anything from a broken faucet to their radiator. Sometimes ingenious, usually epically stupid.

People of Walmart is americana at it’s best, and just confirms to me all the reasons I rarely set foot inside of a Walmart store. This website just proves that it’s a white trash world, and they all shop at Walmart. Usually they are shopping for supplies to fix things that they can take a picture of to send to There I Fixed It and proudly show off their handywork.

The Clink Room is a terrific website for anyone who is a fan of baseball, or who enjoys being creative. The site is run by Plan B Branding a company that designs logos for major and minor league baseball teams. The site gives you some great insite into the development and creative process, and the guys run some fun design contests on a regular basis that allow you to flex your creative muscle if you feel so inclined.

That’s the daily list, I hope you find something you like.

Happy surfing.

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