Gold Medal Winning Vaults

Check out the gold medal winning vaults from this olympics compared to 56 years ago. Even the Dog could have won a gold medal in 1956.


pencilI remember when I was a kid and I would go to school and do all of my work with a pencil. There was always the old hand crank pencil sharpener up on the black board and I had to raise my hand to ask the teacher if I could go sharpen my pencil.

Life was so much easier back then.
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Help a brother out and ALWAYS roll from the front.

Help a brother out and ALWAYS roll from the front.

There is nothing in this world that seems to cause more marital friction than bathroom etiquette. Actually there may be quite a few, but today that’s what I am going to talk about, bathroom etiquette. Men have been much maligned in the area of restroom etiquette, but today I intend to once and for all settle a long standing debate in my family. I will prove once and for all that at least in this one instance I am superior to both my mother and my wife when it comes to one of the bathroom’s greatest areas of conflict: the humble toilet paper roll.
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Once upon a time the dog played in a rock band….


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Many of you may have already figured out that I am easily annoyed, but that’s another story for another time. Today’s story is about flip flops.

I live in Florida, so flip flops are everywhere. I’ve never personally been a big fan of flip flops myself partly because I don’t really like having anything between my toes, and partly because I’m just not a big fan of feet in general (as I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts). But flip flops are comfy and appropriate in some casual situations like going to the beach or chilling by the pool and what not I reckon. Mmmm hmmm.

However … If you are going out in public and have any desire to make other people think you don’t live in a trailer park or collect welfare, that you make more than minimum wage, brush your teeth regularly and aren’t married to a sibling, then flip flops would make an inappropriate option for your feet. AND if you are going to work anywhere except perhaps as a lifeguard then flip flops are strictly forbidden.

I for instance work in an office where it is generally pretty quiet (except when the annoying guy two cubicles down gets on a conference call and thinks he has to talk at the top of his voice for others to hear him, you know who you are). What I don’t need to hear is the annoying sound of slap, slap, slap everytime you take a step and walk anywhere within 100 feet of me. I don’t care if your flip flops have a leather strap, or cute little rhinestones on them. If I can hear you walking from 75 feet away as they slap against the bottom of your skank ass feet, then take that shiz off and put on some real shoes.

But for God’s sake DO NOT walk around barefoot in the office … again another story for another time.

Don't Be a Dick!

So a while back I did some work for Florida Poker Player and helped them design a website. Well time goes by and I never get paid always getting the run around, and then eventually just stopped being able to get in touch with them at all. Since they had never paid me I had never released any of the image files that I created for the site to them. Instead I hosted all of the images on my own server so that I could take them down if I needed to.

Well, as I said they never paid me so I took down all of the images and they basically just had a blank webpage. Then a while ago I decided to really be a dick. I created new images and gave them the same names as the original images, but these new images weren’t anything like the real original images.

I invite you to visit and enjoy the new Florida Poker Player website.

…and remember, don’t be a dick.

AT&T Sucks!

Normally I like to keep things light hearted around here, but today I just need to vent.

So, about a week ago my cell phone battery stopped holding a charge. I would charge the thing all night and by 10:00 the next morning the battery would be dead whether I used it or not. I went to my local AT&T store, and they gave me a new battery free of charge.

Well, the new battery didn’t help. Still the same problem. Charge it all day, take it off the charger and within a very short time the battery is dead. So now I figure it has to be something wrong with the phone which I only got back in March so it is still under warranty. I go to the store again, and am told they cannot do warranty exchanges and that I need to either drive to a warranty center in south Tampa or do the exchange online.

So I go home and get online to do the exchange. I order the new phone and wait. In the meantime I can now only use my cell phone when it is plugged in which is pretty inconvenient for a cell phone.

Finally five days later the new phone shows up in my mailbox. I hurriedly open the box, thankful that once again I can use my phone. HOORAY!

Well my enthusiasm is short lived as I open the box to find a new phone that has no battery, no SIM card, and no back cover. “Oh well, whatever” I think to myself and I take the missing parts off of the old cell phone and put them on the new cell phone. Problem is my new battery is now not working because of using it the old broken phone and so I still cannot use the new phone.

So I take the new phone and phone parts back to the AT&T and find the store swamped with people so I have to get on a list and wait to be called. This time they don’t have a battery so they tell me they can order one, but it won’t get here any sooner than Monday (six more days away.) I offer to buy a new phone because I don’t want to/can’t wait six more days for a phone that works, but again I am told they can’t do anything because they don’t offer warranty credits at the store.

So frustrated, I accept the bad news and leave to go home. Once home I plug my phone in and call AT&T customer service. I explain the problem, and ask if there is any way to expedite getting the new battery to me because my wife is out of town and I have no other phone. I am told that since I already ordered a battery in the store they can’t hurry the order up.

I ask if they can cancel that order and place a new order to overnight the battery. “No sir, since you have already placed an order in the store we cannot do anything else for you.”

Bottom line … wait six more days for your new battery and hope that fixes the problem. If that doesn’t fix it call us back and then we’ll send you some more parts, you can wait five to six more days until they get there and then hopefully you will have service that works.

Thank you AT&T for being so understanding and helpful.

UPDATE: NO, THE NEW BATTERY DID NOT FIX MY PHONE. At this point I was so mad I just packed up all the phones and parts I had and sent them back in the return box with a note telling them to either send me a complete phone that works or cancel my service.

Of course it turns out that was not the proper procedure and now they would DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to correct the problem except offer to sell me a new phone at full price.